Custom Training



Do you have an accomplished, high-performing executive who's lined up to become your successor in the next 1-2 years? Is that person also humble, always learning, and never satisfied with the status quo? If so, this training would be a great investment for your company.

Your successor will work one-on-one with an advisor to attain business and professional development goals. He or she will learn how to shift thinking from functional areas of focus to an elevated, CEO perspective. There's a focus on building self-awareness, adding leadership capabilities, and learning the secrets of how to allocate time to be most effective - and have a life outside of work. After the completion of the session, participation in a CEO peer group will be evaluated.

Step Up Your Game with 

Facilitation and Training

The next time you need to strategize with your executive team, work on team dynamics, or improve your skills as a CEO, consider bringing in an advisor to facilitate a focused workshop. We currently offer the following services:

Strategy Sessions

Need help landing on a vision? This advisor-facilitated session with you and your executive team is designed to establish a long-term strategic vision for your business. The length of the session is customized to fit your needs, and it's designed to help you define what's most important to move toward your vision. It will guide you through tactical steps of distinguishing between strategic activities and day jobs and defining interim objectives and metrics. This would be a great annual session to line up with one of our advisors.

Team Effectiveness

It's smart to invest time assessing and strengthening the dynamics of your executive team. We make it easy by bringing in an outside perspective to help you reach a common understanding of what it means to be a team and attain business and professional development goals. Together, you'll identify constructive ways to leverage differences, work better together, and develop action plans for individual and team improvement. Ultimately, you'll make substantial progress toward becoming a more cohesive team.